From the Chicago Reader’s Ryan Hubbard (link supplied by Hot Shit College Student)

Last year he was called an “idiot” and a “moron.” Last week he was called a “mental midget.” And last weekend Rex Grossman, the much-maligned quarterback of the Chicago Bears who nonetheless helped land the Bears in the Super Bowl last season, was called a “retarded vagina.” When Alex Borstein was introduced as the voice of Lois Griffin at the live voice-over performance of Family Guy at the Chicago Theatre Saturday night, the Chicago native and former MADtv star emerged in a long Walter Payton Bears jersey, wearing only short spandex shorts underneath. After sitting in her director’s chair she pulled down the jersey over her thighs and asked the crowd to let her know if her “Rex Grossman” started to show. When the crowd laughed Borstein said Grossman was a “retarded vagina.”

Rog, I’m sure, is very available for comment.