From the Houston Chronicle’s Dave Barron :

Calvin Murphy got a bit exercised on his KFNC (97.5 FM) show Monday night when producer Dave Tepper raised the issue of O.J. Simpson’s recent legal problems.

The highlight, in volume and in entertainment value, came when a caller suggested Simpson’s acquittal on murder charges a decade ago didn’t mean he was not guilty.

Murphy, who was acquitted in 2004 of charges alleging indecency with a child and aggravated sexual assault, didn’t appreciate that leap of logic, yelling, “I got a problem with that! I got a problem with that!

“Because when I went through my hard times, I was acquitted! I was found innocent! You’re going to tell me different?”

Murphy went on to offer his own explanation of Simpson’s recent actions.

“O.J., his life has been in turmoil for the last 12 years,” he said. “Now, he’s gotten bored with life. That’s the only reason I think he would do something that stupid. He wants the front page again.”

Shocking stuff.  Who would believe that Dave Tepper is still working in sports radio?