Basketbawful reports that someone they’ve dubbed “Dorky Jazz Fan” recently won the contents of Greg Ostertag’s locker in a Utah sanctioned contest, and now he’s got the audacity to auction some of the less exciting (?) items (practice togs, etc.) to the highest bidder.

The up side is that Ostertag actually wore each and every one of these garments, so you might be able to scrape together some actual skin shavings, in case you want to assemble some kind of bizarre clone army. The down side would be that these are Greg Ostertag’s clothes, and you will have paid actual money for them.

No word on who is keeping the hot pants, however.

The NBA has suspended Phoenix’s Raja Bell for the 6th game of the Suns/Lakers series.

Bell explains his above actions thustly to the East Valley Tribune’s Scott Meadow ;

On Wednesday, Bell called Kobe Bryant “a pompous and arrogant individual. I have no respect for him.”

Bell said he lost his cool because Bryant repeatedly had elbowed him in the face.

“When I get hit in the face multiple times you crossed the line with me. That’s not basketball,” Bell said. “It’s a personal thing when someone continually hits you in the face. He tried to bully me.”

Bell went on to say that, “there doesn’t seem to be any boundaries or limitations to what he (Bryant) can do to me.”

Bell also said he was angered by a comment from Lakers coach Phil Jackson. Bell said that when he complained to an official in the fourth quarter about Bryant’s wayward elbows, Jackson told him, “You (expletive-deleted) deserved it.”

“I thought that was kind of bush-league from such a good coach,” Bell said. “That was enough for me.”