I don’t mean to diminish the vital importance of the Mets’ SportsNet NY being available to every cable and satellite subscriber on Planet Earth, but I’m also sorry to say I am incapable of chasing the story with the requisite zeal of Steve from the Eddie Kranepool Society.

(a dilligent customer service rep like the one shown above, braces herself for another call from Mr. Keane)

I finally got to speak to Meggan Bossett at SNY (she sounds about 12 years old) and she told me they are just finalizing some details with DirecTV. But when I asked if I would have SNY on my DirecTV system by Monday or opening day the latest she said “I can not comment on the negotiations”. Thanks a lot. Then she asked me if I contacted DirecTV myself.So of course I got sarcastic with her and said “WOW I never thought of that gee you think they would know more about this than you guys”? I guess it went over her head as she said “maybe”. So I bid her good bye as I think she was late for her Girl Scout meeting.

I’ve called DirecTV many times and they tell me the same thing, “We carry all the regional sports channels so we will most likely carry SNY as well”

That’s great everything tells you the same thing “we are in negotiations” “We are talking every day” “We are close” but no one can say what’s the fuckin’ hold up here.

Between Beltran bunting and no SNY my aggravation meter is just about off the charts.