Irving Zeigler, clearly someone who has better things to do with his time than watch saloon cars go ’round in a circle, is CSTB’s Fan Of The Week.

From the LA Times’ Larry Stewart.

The people involved in NASCAR certainly understand marketing.

When car owner Beth Ann Morgenthau read Times columnist Bill Plaschke’s account of Dodger season-ticket holder Irving Zeiger’s being asked to pay $120,000 for four front-row seats in renovated Dodger Stadium, six times as much as the $20,000 he paid for first-row seats behind the dugout in the old configuration, she was outraged.

“I can’t imagine taking a 43-year loyal fan and doing that, especially without a lot of remorse,” Morgenthau said. “If Mr. Zeiger would like, I’ll buy him four tickets to the next NASCAR Nextel Cup race at California Speedway, and throw in snacks too.”

Said Zeiger: “I sure appreciate the offer, but unfortunately I’m not a NASCAR fan.”

Zeiger ” who ended up keeping his original seats, now five rows behind the dugout ” said Avenger owner Casey Wasserman also offered him complimentary tickets, but he declined.