(this young man doesn’t think John Patterson is a legit no. 1 starter)

Repoz forwards the following item from the Blog Of Legal Times’ Emma Schwartz, which would seem to indicate would-be Ronald Regan assassin John Hinckley Jr. is a Washington Nationals fan.

He’s made it out for three or four days. So what’s the difference if he goes for two weeks?That is the question before D.C. District Judge Paul Friedman who is trying to decide whether allowing attempted assassin John Hinckley more visits to his family home creates any more danger to himself or society.

Though officials from St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, where Hinckley resides, say Hinckley has been free of any real mental illness for years, prosecutors oppose the new proposal, which would allow for six two-week visits and a one-month stay at his parents home in Williamsburg, Va. Their concern: that his parents are aging, that he has no work lined up, and that he would only see a psychiatric official once a week.

“The hospital’s plan is ill-conceived,” said Thomas Zeno of the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office during a hearing today in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

But Hinckley’s lawyer Barry Levine disagreed. He said that it was “crystal clear” that there was “no prospect of such danger.” Hinckley is also asking the court to stop requiring him to give the U.S. Secret Service two weeks notice before he leaves the hospital. The reason: it bars him from certain activities, especially baseball games, which the hospital often gets last-minute tickets.

Not to act all cavalier about gun violence, but what possible threat could Hink represent at this late stage? Surely he’s heard by now that the object of his affections is into girls, so where’s the motivation for a subsequent shooting spree?