While Ken Rosenthal concurs with your humble editor-person that the Yankees barring Scott Boras from the new Alex Rodriguez talks is somewhat screwy (if not a farcical pose), the Newark Star-Ledger’s Dan Graziano claims the Bombers might still pursue World Series MVP/free agent Mike Lowell, even if they’re successful in retaining A-Rod.

The Yankees still remain interested in signing free-agent Mike Lowell, even though they’re apparently bringing back Alex Rodriguez to play third base.
The trick is that they’d have to talk Lowell, a career third baseman, into moving across the diamond to play first base.

A person familiar with the negotiations, who requested anonymity because discussions are still ongoing, said the Yankees have been in contact with Lowell’s representatives about the idea of him signing to be their first baseman. The idea would be to bring Lowell, who came up through their farm system in the mid-90s, back into the organization while simultaneously weakening the Red Sox by taking him out of their lineup and infield.
It’s unclear how good the Yankees’ chances are of pulling this off. Lowell is a Gold Glove-caliber third baseman and might not want to change positions. Also, the Red Sox are trying to re-sign him. Teams that were interested in signing Rodriguez (Angels, Dodgers, etc.) may turn their attention to Lowell now that Rodriguez appears to be off the market.

My person sportswriting / lifestyle guru, Todd Jones, weighs in on the rumored “No Boras” edict, insisting “a G.M. would eat a player for lunch in most face-to-face meetings.”

Look at it like this: Are you your own attorney? Do you do your own surgery? Are you your own financial planner? Your own mechanic? Sure, a few guys may be able to do it, but generally, when a player is his own agent, the G.M. is out to see how much of a discount he can get.

And to think I’d presumed all these years that Jones was his own barber.