To the New York Yankees on beating the Red Sox for the first time in their last 5 meetings — and to to have done so without the benefit of Steinbrenner’s “When The Going Gets Tough…” banners, too, now that’s impressive.

Similar salutations are due to New York’s Jason Giambi, who managed to get hit by David Wells (above) twice while batting 7th. Giambi, perhaps lacking the power of prior seasons, is clearly committed to getting on base by any means necessary, and if he continues to be hit by pitches at his current rate…well, his employers will still want to void his contract. But that’s more RBI opportunities for Bernie Williams and Tony Womack.

I’m certain the Boston papers and the yacktastic hosts on WEEI will be all over David Wells tomorrow, and hopefully all parties will remember that this fine physical specimen, this finely tuned athletic machine, has a considerable body of work behind him and should not be judged solely on the basis of one start. Damon, Renteria, Ramierez and Ortiz ; a combined 1 for 16 on the night. Just keep telling yourself that Randy Johnson can only pitch every 5 days.