Interesting stuff from the Chicago Tribune’s Sam Smith, who accuses G Baron Davis of whining his way out of New Orleans, while speculating about the future of Jason Kidd.

Davis had his agent ask for a trade last summer after being benched for repeatedly being late to team meetings and disregarding play calls. His coach was Tim Floyd, so no one thought much of it. Davis then defied the team in camp by having his own trainer and doing his stretching away from the team.

Davis (above, in traffic)  then went public with his trade request, suffered an Achilles' injury in January and was slow to return, so the Hornets sent him home to rehab. He didn't return when expected after the All-Star break, saying he didn't feel better, then was traded. <a href=Now he regularly plays 35 to 40 minutes for the Warriors.

“I wore out my welcome, and I didn’t want to be there anymore,” Davis explained, with the Hornets firmly last in the West for years to come.

And so now we come to Jason Kidd. Look for Kidd to start demanding his way out of New Jersey. He has done everything but that for most of the season with his tepid support for the Nets. This from a guy who had the chance to go to the Spurs but rejected it when the Nets came up with more than $100 million through 2008-09. Of course, the Nets had to take on Alonzo Mourning for $22 million without a physical at Kidd’s urging. Mourning complained his way out of New Jersey and is with Miami and a chance for a championship this season.

Will Kevin Garnett be next? He is having physical problems and will be entering his 10th season. The Timberwolves are a mess, and many believe general manager/coach Kevin McHale will leave the organization.

How about Allen Iverson, 30 next season, with the 76ers’ second-tier situation and a coach he doesn’t care for in Jim O’Brien?

As for Kidd, the Nets might like to accommodate him as well. One interesting scenario involves the Lakers. With the Lakers about to be eliminated from the playoffs for the first time since 1994 this week, they need someone to get the ball out of Kobe Bryant’s hands. Only an All-Star will do. They talked patience and free agents after trading Shaquille O’Neal last summer, but that should disappear after a losing season and Bryant impatient for the club to improve. Lamar Odom never fit with Bryant because he defers too much and needs the ball in his hands more. He might work with New Jersey’s Carter and Richard Jefferson, is from the East and fared best when he was with Miami last season, and is younger and cheaper.” />