..Don Shula, Garo Yepremian and the rest of the 1972 Dolphins. You still have something to cling to, regardless of how bush league it might be to rejoice at another team’s failure.

And similar congrats to Marty Schottenheimer, who still has a chance of leading the Chargers to the AFC Playoffs despite only having LaDanien Tomlinson, Drew Brees (above) and Keenan McCardell to work with. How can he coach under such conditions?

The afternoon’s most impressive stat is not San Diego holding Edgerrin James to 25 yards rushing on 13 carries, but rather that the Mighty MJD, subbing for the grossly inferior Will Leitch, has at least 3 funny jokes in today’s NFL coverage. OK, two of ’em are Love Boat related and the third is a variation on Will’s favorite game of Smear The Queer (eg. Peyton “might have a Broke Back”), but funny just the same. Is the Mighty MJD the Tom Brady to Leitch’s Drew Bledsoe? The Jenilee Harrison to Will’s Suzanne Sommers? Either way, I’m open minded, and any further improvments to The Poor Man’s Sports Frog will be noted in this space.