Arsenal 0, Chelsea 2

(Joe Cole scoring Chelsea’s 2nd)

Well, final Highbury visit in the Premiership at least. I’m not sure which is a scarier prospect for Arsenal fans, being 20 points behind Chelsea at Christmas, or having to watch Jose Mourinho attempt a crotch-chop dance ala Sean Waltman circa Degeneration X.

There’s nothing new about a great disparity between Arsenal’s league form and their performances in the Champions League…except they actually stand a fighting chance this year in the latter.

Despite having the run of play for most of the game, Liverpool were defeated in FIFA’s dubious Club World Championship by Brazil’s Sao Paolo, 1-0. FSC carried the match from Yokohama eary this morning, but I was a little too distracted by the appearance of Esquivel (above), playing for Deportivo Saprissa in the earlier consolation game.