(in an effort to prevent the North American workforce of either sex from masturbating to yet another photograph of Henrik Lundqvist, instead, here’s a photo of Mike Ricci.  YOU’RE WELCOME, EMPLOYERS).

Though there’s a thin line between hot and freaking hot, who amongst us wasn’t thoroughly outraged at Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist’s staggering omission from Cosmopolitan’s “The Hottest Players In The NHL 2013″. “With the lockout finally over (thank God!), we’re looking forward to seeing some hotness on ice,” writes Cosmo’s Korin Miller, who attempted to rationalize just how she managed to rank the merely attractive Brian Boyle above Lundqvist.  From the NY Post’s Page Six :

Miller explained Cosmo solicited readers to nominate their favorite players, and the magazine named one player from each team to the list. Boyle simply racked up more votes than Lundqvist. “Henrik is hot. In fact, we’ll go so far as to say he’s really freaking hot,” Miller wrote a few days later. “That’s why he made our list last year. But the votes don’t lie: This was just Brian Boyle’s year.