I’m as amused as anyone about the “controversy” over Chris Pronger stealing game pucks. And I certainly appreciate a little dickish gamesmanship. But even as a Flyers fan it’s hard not to agree with Michael Wilbon (as tweeted by @BluntChick):

“You’re down 0-2! You want to do something with the puck? Put it in the net clown!”

Still, anyone who truly takes offense will find themselves redressed by Down Goes Brown, which documents the big defenseman’s “Other Jerk Moves” (what, you can’t say “dick”)?

Sadly, this sort of behaviour isn’t new for Pronger. In fact, throughout his career he’s become notorious for a series of incidents in which his actions were inappropriate, unprofessional, and just downright mean.

It’s a must-click, so I will offer just two highlights:

Caused a long delay during a 1998 game when he claimed to suffer a brief cardiac arrest after being hit with a slapshot directly above the heart, as if he has one.

During NBC telecasts of Flyers games, constantly leans over to Pierre McGuire and says “I don’t think they can hear you, maybe try speaking louder.”