Having claimed he bet on his Cincinnati Reds “every night,” the Washington Post’s Norman Chad (above) says of Pete Rose, “It’s as if Eddie Haskell grew up, left Mayfield and became a switch-hitting gambler.”

According to the Chad Report, this is a typical Pete Rose day in 2007:

12:15 p.m.: Check greyhound racing charts.

1:15: Call Tony Perez to see if he wants to play pepper.

2:15: Drive to local batting cage and practice signing autographs for $5 a pop.

3:15: Stop by neighborhood pawn shop to look at his Phillies 1980 World Series ring.

4:15: Ask Pete Rose Jr. if any paychecks for Dad have mistakenly gone to the wrong address.

5:15: Leave daily phone message for Bud Selig.

6:15: Leave daily phone message for the late A. Bartlett Giamatti.

7:15: Google “autograph shows” to make sure he’s not missing any action.

8:15: Play $40 buy-in liar’s poker tournament online.

9:15: Bingo!

Q. I caught my 24-year-old son filling out a women’s bracket — I figure this means he has a gambling problem. Please advise. (Doug Beu; Spokane, Wash.)

A. I can’t say for sure if he has a gambling problem, but I can say for sure that you have failed as a parent.