As you’ve probably read by now, Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez was quoted at length in yesterday’s New York Daily News, touting the benefits of therapy. A quote or two from Sam Borden’s piece stuck out :

Manhattan psychiatrist Wayne Myers, who has treated pro athletes, called Rodriguez’s revelation “courageous.”

“For a name player like A-Rod to come and say that is a great thing,” said Myers. “It gives permission for other players to do the same thing.”

Another Manhattan psychiatrist, Michael Aronoff, said, “Rodriguez is just the kind of person necessary to take the stigma away from seeing a therapist.”

(Cynthia Rodriguez wipes the loony drool from her husband’s face)

Though there oughta be no shame in seeking help, regardless of who you are, I think Dr. Aronoff is a little naive (though his drumming on those John Cougar records was the best thing about them). Were Alex Rodriguez universally admired and respected, perhaps Aronoff would be correct. Standing ovations for A-Rod at Fenway Park or Shea Stadium might still be a while in coming, however.