While one interested observer expressed disappointment the Grizzlies couldn’t properly tank a game against the Knicks last night, the Daily News’ Frank Isola — strangely silent in blogville over the past week — welcomes the Knicks’ newest executive, while all but cracking open the champagne at the prospect of Isiah Thomas’ firing.

Donnie Walsh was a refreshing change of pace. He spoke openly and honestly about the Knicks, their salary cap problems, the draft and the of course, the media policy. I™m guessing that there are a few overzealous media relations officials who will be asked to hand in their BlackBerrys pretty soon.

The same goes for Thomas, whose final season with the Knicks can best be described as œWhat Goes Around Comes Around.
I wonder if it dawned on Isiah where he was today as James Dolan was stripping him of his power. Remember, it was two years ago in Memphis where Thomas put on the full court press to undermine Larry Brown.

Dolan traveled to Memphis to spend quality time with Brown, who was struggling in his first season as coach. Thomas was supposed to go to Europe on a scouting mission but once he caught wind of Brown™s meeting with Dolan he jumped on Dolan™s private jet and joined the team in Memphis.

Dolan and Thomas addressed the team during the trip, much to Brown™s dismay. And when Dolan finally met with reporters it was clear from his words that Brown was in trouble and that Thomas would survive. Not only did Thomas survive, but he ended up with dual titles and received a contract extension last March.

But now, Thomas is out of the loop. The job he tried desperately to keep – rather than perform – is gone. He will leave the Knicks in a bigger mess than when he arrived and all the players and coaches he burned along the way will not shed a tear.

Though Amanda of You Go Live In Utah remains cynical regarding her Mavs (“they are the Dennis the Beeper King of basketball”), she’s also duly impressed with His Dirkness’ surprise comeback last night against Golden State.

As for how a person can suffer a high ankle AND knee sprain and return to playing after a little more than a week, I have a simple answer. Witchcraft. Wicca. Santeria. We all know that it’s not humanly possible to do such a thing by merely working out, doing physical therapy and applying endless ice packs. Therefore, I am forced to out Dirk as some kind of terrifyingly awesome sorcerer or wizard or spoon-bending mentalist. Which is kind of rad. Essentially we have the Uri Geller of basketball on our team. San Antonio can keep their Mr. Longorias and Manu “Chef Boyardee” Ginobli. Seriously though, didn’t it take T.O. at least two weeks to get back in good enough shape to play again last season after his high ankle sprain? My ipod battery is on its’ last leg and tends to die after an hour of use. If anyone can figure out a way to get Dirk to lay hands on it, please email me at:
[email protected]
. Thanks.