A virtual high five / raised glass tonight ito filmmaker Seth Pomeroy, whose years of hard graft (and listening to self-important bozos pontificate on ’90’s rock) have resulted in a documentary as thoughtful/necessary as it was highly anticipated. “Couldn’t You Wait? : The Story Of Silkworm” is available today for the insanely reasonable price of $5, though if you’re a fan of the band the deluxe versions w/ a plethora of live footage are also a great deal.   Best of all, the producers can guarantee — in writing, I believe — there’s not one moment of commentary from Henry Rollins.

(DISCLAIMER : on multiple occasions, I was one of the persons responsible for pimping these talented young men. That the experience wasn’t always lucrative for any of the parties concerned is of little consequence — i am very confident their body of work beats the fuck out of yours, and I write those words knowing full well just how many former State Fair Lollapalooza main stage performers routinely stumble across this blog while googling their own names).

Best band, best guys. Music documentaries usually leave me cold but I’m very happy this one was made.