Showing the unique perspective of a guy far too busy to actually watch NBA games — having already bragged that he finds the regular season boring — ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd condemned Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant for their public expression of goodwill last night, declaring that the public wants…no, needs feuds and soap operas to remain engrossed.

To which I can only reply, the league somehow managed to survive Magic and Isiah smooching at midcourt. The only thing more contrived than last night’s hatchet burial is demanding that 99% of the players pretend they aren’t members of the same millionaire frat.

Speaking of contrived, Bill Simmons — though he didn’t actually hear the show himself — is convinced that Isiah Thomas has challenged him to a fight. Will Leitch, still referring to himself in the plural, writes “we can’t believe Isiah Thomas knows how to use a computer.” Said missive comes just a couple of months after Will gleefully penned the headline “Tyson Most Likely Celeb Who Can’t Read”.

I’m not saying Leitch is a brutal racist or anything. But given his fixation with questioning the intellectual capacity of prominent black men, he might wanna work a little harder at getting his facts right. Or at least cease with the html errors (unless he has a nice assistant for that kind of thing).