(above – composers of the new “SportsCenter” theme music)

Persons who might have a problem with the LPGA’s new policy requiring it’s golfers to learn English or face suspension are in the words of ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd, “ascot-wearing, dot-EDU, America-haters.” To which I can only reply, Le Anne, bust out the whoopin’ stick.  I realize Cowherd works within a very deliberate d-bag radio format and saying provocative shit is a big part of his job description. But that a major broadcaster — one owned by Disney, no less — would encourage this tired, sub-Ed Anger routine is a fucking embarrassment to everyone affiliated with the company.  That Cowherd finds something sinister about multiculturalism is hardly out of character, but the popped-collar Archie Bunker spiel coupled with what can only be described as a phobia of those even slightly more intelligent than the morning mouthpiece, succeeds in tainting the entire ESPN operation.  At least Wally George was funny.