college football writer Stewart Mandel doesn’t figure that the Oklahoma State head coach (and play-caller) has actually matured.

…there are two reasons I’m not giving much consideration to the Cowboys. For one, their defense last year was every bit as awful as their offense was spectacular, ranking 112th nationally against the pass and 101st overall. But mostly, there’s the inescapable reality is
[sic] that their head coach, Mike Gundy, is a complete clown.

I know what you’re going to say. I’m only ripping Gundy because of his infamous “I’m a Man!” tirade last year. … Well, yeah. Whether or not you agreed with the content, I can’t imagine anyone who watched that charade — which I presume is all of you — came away from it thinking: “That’s a guy I’d want leading my team.” (Unless, of course, your team at the time was coached by Bill Callahan or Karl Dorrell.) Gundy is certifiably nuts. He’s like the Ed Orgeron of the Big 12. And he’s got a 18-19 record to his name. What possible evidence is there to suggest that one of his teams should ever be taken seriously?

While it’s fun to imagine Gundy printing out an SI web page for some future tirade, he’s in agreement with Mandel about the first part.

“With the exception of a couple of years, we haven’t played really good defense here in 20 years.

The Cowboys take on Washington State at Seattle’s Qwest Field Saturday.