3 Colin Cowherd posts in less than 24 hours is a record CSTB will hopefully not break anytime soon, but today is a special day, as you know. And what better way to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day all over the U.S. than for ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd to make light of spousal battery?

Noting that the lawyer of the wife of Nick Harper, Daniell, has described the Colts CB’s stabbing as “accidental” and the sort of thing that “happens every day”, Cowherd expressed outrage that Mrs. Harper would probably get off with a mere slap on the wrist (at present, she’s being held in Hamilton Co. Jail without bond). He then told the story of how his ex-gf “Kitten” sliced up his leg with a Corona bottle, yet the police presumed she was the victim when they arrived on the scene.

I made it through about 4, “yeah, the same thing happened to me once” calls before I gave up.

Anyhow, it is incredibly brave of Cowherd to take such a stance on a radio station that features few female voices (other than subs), few female callers and presumably, few female listeners (in their right mind). Thus, I have a few suggested topics for this fearless broadcaster that he might want to introduce in the days and weeks ahead.

“Kids Who Claim They’ve Been Molested – Aren’t They Really Asking For It?”
“Samuel H. Bowers — Was He Acting In Self-Defense?”
“Maybe She Really Did Walk Into A Door?”

Phil Mushnick points out in today’s post that Harper very well might’ve been stabbed accidently in the knee. His wife might’ve been aiming for his throat.