Both David Pinto and (by proxy) Will Leitch think there is something newsworthy about The Round Mound Of Driving Drunk Around Town Sidney Ponson growing a full head of hair.

And it was kind of a surprise…when Ponson walked out of a Baltimore jail with the very same haircut 4 weeks ago.

Ponson has an interesting way of explaining his struggles with the Orioles when speaking with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Derrick Goold.

“The problem I had in Baltimore was I was the one with the most experience, the veteran, so to speak,” he said, describing how he felt pressure to mentor younger pitchers but had trouble doing so. “Now I don’t have to do it here. Now I’m the one asking the questions.”

Which makes plenty of sense when you really think about it. The Birds must’ve had so many young pitchers eager to get the sage advice of a fat, drunken oaf with an ERA of 6.21 that it was hard for Sidney to concentrate.