I don’t listen to as much sports-talk radio as Gerard does. I also own fewer records and have less-stylish eyeglasses. I’m at peace with all that. But I do know a simpatico follow-up post when I see one. As peevish as Colin Cowherd’s (by all appearances truly awful) talk-radio contrarianism made print-media contrarian Mushnick, it really, really hacked off the gentlemen of Firejoemorgan. Clicking on that link will give you a very long, very heated point-by-point breakdown of a recent Cowherd radio show that centered — between riffage on strippers and the Hall-worthiness of Orel Hershiser — on how Jose Canseco belongs in Cooperstown because of how famous he is. And also because Colin Cowherd hates nerds. Here’s how C-Cow kicked things off:

The problem with the Hall of Fame “ it™s become Nerd World. [ridiculous “nerd” voice] œHey, if you look at his OPB — yes you know me — his OPS, if you multiply it using a sliding chart and you put some marmalade on your toes, he appears to be a 14th ballot Hall of Famer. The Hall of Fame has become œNerd World in Orlando.


Much, much more of that follows. One could easily question the decision to transcribe almost 12 minutes of Cowherdian bleating, but it surely saves time on ever having to listen to the guy’s show. Thanks to Stephen Del Percio for the link.