Jeremy Roenick in better days

After benching outspoken nutjob Jeremy Roenick (pictured above from far better days) for watching some of Tuesday’s game from a restaurant, the Phoenix Coyotes are somehow managing without having JR’s stunning goal output this season (one) in the lineup and currently lead the Columbus Blue Jackets 4-2 in the second period. If not for Owen Nolan’s somewhat inexplicable production (now seven goals, eight assists in thirty-one games) this season, Phoenix would be leading the new NHL in sending aging, washed-up stars out to pasture, e.g. Brett Hull last season. Reminder to slow, washed-up defensemen: Philadelphia is still your destination of choice.

Since Kevin did it, I figure that the Can’t Stop the Bleeding readership might appreciate a little insight into who is cramming NHL news and scores into their daily allotment of Will Leitch hatred and New York Mets hot stove chatter. My name is Sebastian. I’m a graduate student in English at Boston College. My family heritage of hating the New York Yankees while residing in the Hudson Valley has largely turned me against my home teams, but my baseball aims have been temporarily aligned with those of the underreported local squad in Boston. I’m far more likely, however, to air my thoughts on the Detroit Red Wings goaltending situation (dump Hasek for a longterm solution before he eats Kris Draper as a mid-morning snack) or the University of Illinois starting five (Rich McBride must go). Yes, I share an alma mater with Will Leitch, but I have never eaten my weight in Crunch Wrap Supremes.