Charlotte 99, Orlando 89

On the same day Adam Morrison caught a mountain of grief and Charlotte announced they’d no longer be paying the bills for their WNBA franchise, the Bobcats ended a 4 game losing streak, courtesy of a career high 31 points from Sean May. The much maligned ‘Stache added 21, while the Magic’s Dwight Howard was held to 10 points, well below his usual output. Orlando had to make do with a depleted squad, playing without the services of Grant Hill, Jameer Nelson or Hedo Turkoglu.

The Czar is downplaying a reported wig-flipping on the part of Jerry West prior to the Grizzlies’ loss to Portland Wednesday night, while David Stern tried to quell a mob angered over Christian Death’s botched bid to take over the club. Amidst all this turmoil, is no one willing to lay down the law over Mike Miller’s stupid haircut?

J.E. Skeets provides documentary evidence that Democracy Doesn’t Work : Shaquille O’Neal is leading all Eastern Conference centers in All-Star balloting.

If Stephon Marbury is going to be counseled by persons Isiah Thomas has repeatedly kissed
, when does Anucha Browne Sanders have a word with the Associations’ self-proclaimed No. 1 Point guard?

Though humanity is mostly blessed by Gilbert Arenas’ elevation to all-around mainstream media sensation, Wizznutzz adds the following cavaet :

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