I’ll start this entry by saying there is absolutely nothing funny or cool about the throes of heroin addiction. I was once in a car travelling from Ohio to Indiana and Jim Carroll’s “People Who Died” came on the radio. Trust me, there was nothing funny nor cool about it. It might be the longest song of all time.

But I digress. Though his music sucks like crazy, the perpetually in-hot-water Pete Doherty, former editor of QPR ‘zine ‘All Quiet On Western Avenue’, has successfully managed to do something so far beyond the reach of your average debauched rocker, this might be his crowning achievement.

He’s been banned from easyjet.

How down and out do you have to be to get banned from easyjet? Neither Peter Buck nor Eric Douglas can lay claim to such a thing. And what of the regularly oversold/understaffed TITANIC OF THE SKIES claiming Doherty aroused suspicion “by spending 15 minutes in the cubicle”?

As anyone who has ever had the misfortune of flying that fucking airline can confirm, the toilet is the most comfortable spot on the plane.