(Tech’s Engles, after being reminded that you can lose ’em all)

Last February, the New Jersey Institute Of Technology’s (alleged) Division One basketball program finished their 2008-09 season with an historic 0-29 mark. Since that time, the Hapless Highlanders, failing to take advantage of the glitzy Prudential Center’s home court advantage, still haven’t won a game. Hoops scribe Peter Robert Casey considers NJIT’s run of ineptitude and is particularly impressed with the creativity of….the athletic department’s Sports Information Director.

For shit’s sake, I decided to riffle through the archives see exactly how the SID went about the challenge over say, the last 40 losses.

After being topped, toppled, carried, stopped, propelled, held off, beaten, edged, thwarted, pulled away, upended, defeated, chilled, worn down, lifted, fallen, and lost multiple times, it doesn’t surprise me that Jim Casciano had to take a T.O. for health reasons. I’m curious to see how long (current head coach) Jim Engles will endure this treatment before his medical insurer raises his premium or he signals for a twenty second breather himself.

Highlanders, will you resolve to win one game in 2009? Not for yourselves – that’s selfish – but for the sake of your writers.?