Hey, it was no Foo Fighters secret show at Stubb’s, but I guess it will have to do.  Heck, it wasn’t even Ty Segall at the Mohawk, and still, it was pretty ok.  Thanks a million to the Fungi Girls, Pop. 1280, James Arthur’s Manhunt, Bare Wires, Wiccans, Wounded Lion and the Unholy Two for their participation yesterday.  And massive thanks to our friends at Beerland — Max, Randall and Orville — for their assistance in hosting this annual free event which takes place with no sponsors (and most importantly, no shitty music). That’s not to say we wouldn’t be ok with a sponsor next year, but our vibe is decidedly more geared to an earplug manufacturer than the PepsiMax SportsBlogZone. To those inconvenienced by Wiccans’ flat tire requiring us to change the running order, sorry, but to paraphrase Kurtis Blow, those are the breaks.

Fungi Girls

Pop. 1280

Bare Wires

James Arthur’s Manhunt

Wounded Lion


Unholy Two