as some of you might know, during my time in NYC during the 1980’s, I maintained the somewhat controversial DEFLECTING-THE-BLAME HOTLINE, in which individuals could anonymously unburden themselves (and explain that whatever horrible transgressions had been hanging over their heads were in fact, entirely the fault of other parties). Some likened it to a conceptual art piece, but as someone who is the epitome of faultless, I felt a special bond with others seeking to set the record straight. Years before heads of state, literary giants and the guy that played the Winklevoss Twins raised gaslighting to an art form, callers to the DEFLECTING-THE-BLAME hotline were early pioneers. The Red Transistor to the guy that played the Winklevoss Twins’ A.R.E. Weapons, if you will.

Anyway, as you’ve probably guessed by now, someone ripped off my idea and there’s currently a popular podcast that completely ignores the facts stated above while engaging in wild hagiography about a so-called “Apology Line” (highly ironic, btw, that no one has apologized to me). My solicitors have not received a reply from the producers of said podcast but I’m hopeful that after this show is widely circulated, justice will be served, if not in the court of law, but in the most important court of all, that of public opinion.

(I have attempted to capture the flavor of the era but ultimately fell short because I left my box of the answering machine tapes on a fruit truck – they were never recovered. You’ll have to settle for music, instead).

tracklist :

David Mitchell & Denise Roughan – Jewel
Artery – The Slide
FACS – Strawberry Cough
The Attendant – Magnificent Aunt Mary
Antony Milton – Mountains
Drop Zone – On The Phone
Decaer Pringa – Blow Out Flame

Nick Klein – The Worst Band In The World
Two Low Key – Bankroll
E-Saggila – Bronze Eyelids
Iueke x Camilla Sparksss – She’s A Dream (Remix)
Amani – Loose Ends
Vanessa Rossetto – Problem
Nâka Nâaa – Bug In A Cup

White Suns – Ordinance
Unsane – Concrete Bed
Rot Shit – Dead
Eyehategod – Circle Of Nerves
Blitzkreig – Blitzkreig

Treasury Of Puppies – Kristi Bruds Guldskap
Pete Chiacchieri – Sonya’s Web
P Wits / L Xerox – No
Ka Baird – Storms Stay Fine