(most of this list previously appeared elsewhere.  If you have a problem with that, kind in mind it is very long and I still managed to diss some tremendous folks by omission – GC)

Wiccans – Field II (Katorga Works)
Tyvek – On Triple Beams (In The Red)
Protomartyr – No Passion, All Technique (Urinal Cake)
Sun Kil Moon – Among The Leaves (Calo Verde)
Jennifer O’Connor – I Want What You Want (Kiam)
OBN III’s – s/t (Tic Tac Totally)
Lamps – Under The Water Under The Ground (In The Red)
Nazi Gold – A Message Of Love (Super Secret)
Swans – The Seer (Young God)
Cheap Time – Wallpaper Music (In The Red)
Mordecai – s/t (Killer Tree)
bailterspace – Strobosphere (Fire)
Dan Melchior – The Backward Path (Northern Spy), Excerpts and Half-Speeds (Kye)
Woolen Kits – Four Girls (Trouble In Mind)
Hank Wood & The Hammerheads – Go Home (Toxic State)
G.Green – Crap Culture (Mt. St. Mountain)

Cop City /Chill Pillars – Hosed (Florida’s Dying)
GR – A Reverse Age (Mexican Summer)
Dikes Of Holland – Braindead USA (Screamers)
The Mad Scene – Blip (Siltbreeze)


Spray Paint – “Pro Knife” , “Squaw” b/w “Psychic Doug” (SSR)
Spray Paint – “Spock Fingers” b/w “Pink Pus” (SSR)
Gary Wrong – “Heroin Beach” b/w ” Mayhem Troopers” (Batshit)
Recide – Statues EP (Even Worse)

Pink Reason – “Ache For You” b/w “Darken Daze” (Savage Quality)
Flesh Lights – Too Big To Fail 2X 7″ (Super Secret)
Total Control – “Scene From A Marriage” b/w “Contract” (Sub Pop)
A Burning Bus – “Anti” b/w “Paranoid Paradise” (Harvest Recordings)
Useless Eaters – The Moves EP (Jolly Dream)
Watery Love – “New Kind Of KIck” b/w “A Condom” (Negative Guest List)
Ex-Cult – “M.P.D.” b/w “No Fun On The Beaches” (Goner)
The Best – “Black Triangle” b/w “King Of The Underground” (Twistworthy)
Outer Spaces – “Civilization’s Dying” (mp3)
A Giant Dog – “Dammit Pomengrante” b/w “Can’t Complain” (Tic Tac Totally)
Protomartyr – ‘Colpi Probibiti’ EP (X!)
Satanic Rockers – “Eviction” b/w “Rat Versus Boredom” (Quemada)

wayback machine :
Harry Pussy – Let’s Build A Pussy (Editions Mego),
Toy Love – ‘Live At The Gluepot’ (Goner)
Black Task – Blacktask/Spikes To The Wall (Radio Raheem)
Feedtime – Today Is Friday (SSR), box set (Sub/Pop),
The Pin Group – ‘Retrospective’ (Siltbreeze)
Soggy – Slog (Memoire Neuve)

live : Monoshock, (Hemlock Tavern, SF, July), Destruction Unit (Beerland and The Grand, Austin, March, Red 7, Austin, July and November), Pygmy Shrews finale (285 Kent, Brooklyn, February) Bits Of Shit (Beerland, Austin, September, Hi-Tone Lounge, Memphis, September), Gary Wrong Group (Hi-Tone Lounge, Memphis, September), SsserpentssS (Austin, too many times), Shellac (Lincoln Theatre, Chicago, August) Mark Kozelek (Scottish Rite Theatre, Austin, September), Swans (LaZone Rosa, Austin), Feedtime (Beerland, Austin, April, Midnight (Beerland, Austin, June), Puffy Areolas (Beerland, Austin, March), ), Sonny Vincent & The Bad Reactions (Beerland, Austin, May), Death Of Samantha (Trailer Space, Austin, March), Wussy (Mohawk, Austin, June)