This was a slow news week for the New York Post’s Phil Mushnick. Since his last entry, incredibly, nothing has occured to justify trashing Mike Francesca, Chris Russo, Spike Lee, Vince McMahon, Nike, Stuart Scott or Stephen A. Smith. In Sunday’s column, he could only manage a very brief, negative reference to the video game industry, along with the following revelation :

Sports fans should know they’re not alone in being forced to buy tickets with outrageous face values and added, dubious service charges that are designed to beat scalpers to the sucker punch.

Tickets to the three Cream concerts at the Garden last week were priced at $365 (apiece!), $185, $148 and, if you wanted only to hear the concert, as opposed to also seeing it, $80.

Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce did perform one of Cream’s great old numbers, “I Feel Free,” but apparently they didn’t mean it.

Phil should be encouraged to know, however that tickets for the recent Danzig/Doyle reunion gig in San Antonio were far cheaper.