Much as the annual Papi/Jeter MVP competition is crazy entertainment for the universe that doesn’t revolve around Boston and NYC, Jermaine Dye (above) is every bit as serious a candidate as, uh, Ross Perot. Dye’s hit a pair of HR’s today in Detroit, as the White Sox are up, 10-0 in the 8th. Jon Garland’s allowed a mere 3 hits in 7 innings, and remains the single most dependable figure in O.G.’s rotation.

Cole Hamels took an early shower (either that, or he’s kinda stinky) and the Cubs have pounded the Phillies to the tune of 4 HR’s midway through their Wrigley matinee. The Cubs are ahead, 11-1, and it’s amazing the way Aramis Ramirez can flip the switch when there’s nothing at stake.