U.S. President Barack Obama greets his Venezuela counterpart ...

[Political controversy surrounds this smiling handshake between Sox fan #1 Obama and Cub ace Carlos Zambrano, outraging many South Siders.  Zambrano, for his part, gave Obama copies of the classics, Eight Men Out and Fear Strikes Out.]

The Cubs-Card rain out tonight left not only ESPN with plenty of time to fill – who knew you could reedit Baseball Tonight eight ways “ but myself in reporting on this weekend’s Cubs-Cards series at the Friendly Confines.  Instead of two games, I can only offer the following:

Michael Bay Cubs-Cards 2-DVD Now Available, with Scenes Deleted From the Theatrical Version

As to Saturday’s Cub 7-5 win over the Cardinals, please read my recount of Friday’s game, including the 2-run HR as the Cubs preferred finishing move.  It’s pretty much the same Bay movie, but more like a 2-DVD set director’s cut:  somewhat improved pitching,  extra innings, and a 2-run HR from Aramis Ramirez instead of Soriano.  Dempster did better than Zambrano, not distinguishing or disgracing himself.  Both teams went deep into their bullpens, calling on five arms each after Lohse and Dempster were thru.  The Cubs bullpen is coming together, giving up only 1 run (Marmol) in the 5 innings the bullpen took the mound.  I still view Dempster and Theriot’s success last year as kind of flukey, so I’m nervous with both these guys.  Dempster went 6 innings and gave up 4 runs on 4 hits and 4 walks.  Eh.

Milton Bradley’s Not on Trial Here, The Whole Damn System Is

Naturally, after Milton Bradley got a 2-game suspension for disputing a called third strike, Bradley filed a protest claiming he was being punished for past offenses.  Please understand, I agree with him, but he could sit out those games while he heals from his groin injury and then start against the Reds this week.  But, no, Bradley’s turning this into The Verdict and taking this one all the way to the top [YAWN] with the Cubs declaring it a matter of “principle.”  Nothing good ever comes out of a matter of principle.  Ever.  Total waste of time.  Then again, maybe the Cubs saw the Jon Lester suspension reduction and suddenly princples mattered.   That two such hardass suspensions came in April seems like maybe the umpire union had a meeting where they decided to really law down the law in ’09 or something.   The argument where this is an ego-ridden waste of time comes up with Bradley, naturally.  On the other hand, considering his reputatiuon and how the press treats him, maybe not taking it lying down will keep umpires honest with him.  We’ll see.