The 2008 season for Titans Vince Young began with a listless Week One performance and a rumored suicide attempt, and would end with the former Longhorn doing clipboard duty for journeyman Kerry Collins. Speaking at a charity hoops game Saturday night, Young told the Tennessean’s Jim Wyatt that he intends to keep a low profile while patiently waiting for Collins to get hurt.

“I am just going to keep my mouth closed, man. All I am doing this year is shutting up, just shutting up and working,” Young said. “I am going to smile and shut up and continue being Vince Young, a happy smiling guy. I am not going to get into the hoopla any more because of the fact I can’t win any more, I see.

“I am just going to shut my mouth and play my role and if they need me then I will be available as a weapon.”

“I don’t have nothing against Kerry,” Young said. “Kerry is just ing his job and that is the same thing I want to do, take care of my job and wait for my turn when they call me.”

“I definitely want to be in Nashville and it is a team I am committed to. But it is always a business and you never know what goes on. But I will always have myself prepared,” Young said. “I just don’t want them to say anything about Vince Young that he is not taking care of his responsibilities. I will always take of my responsibilities if I am not playing or if I am playing. I don’t want no negative stuff going out to other teams saying Vince Young is not playing and because he’s being a bad guy. That is not me.

“Whatever they want me to do that is what I am going to do. If they want me to sit on the sideline and be there to watch the game then that is OK with me, but at the same time I am getting my checks and I am fine.”