Ben Schwartz, observing Carlos Zambrano (above) taking Tom Glavine deep, and the Cubs winning their second straight at Shea, 8-6.

Wrote CSTB recently, “As the Cubs look to end a rare beatdown of the Mets (7-2, bottom of the 7th) …”.

Increasingly less rare, I’d like to add. It somewhat bowled over the WGN booth this evening to see Dusty bounce Ryan Dempster (who looked like he got bounced) from the mound for Bob Howry after RD loaded the bases and let the NY Meths narrow the Cubs lead down to 2. Dusty, who has a reputation in some corners for overworking pitchers and refusing to yank them, is hopefully getting a little more ruthless about late inning losses where the Cubs blow leads.

And for no good reason at all, I’d like to add the irresponsible, and unverifiable, slander that Dempster was pulled for sexual harassment.