There’s not many details to be found at, and with good reason.  What else do you need to know?  It’s free. Major religious holidays were practically invented for The Golden Boys.  There’s nothing that says “holiday season” like the very good chance Jeremy Steen might vomit on your shoes.  Burnt Skull’s 2013 recorded debut will soon pass the threshold from “hotly anticipated” to “wildly overrated” (with any luck).  As for Jonly Bonly, it’s only the 2nd show for this new Austin trio fronted by OBN III’s / The Best guitarist Jason Smith, so do you really think it’s fair to burden him with your insanely high expectations?  WHEN PEOPLE IN OUR CITY ARE STARVING?

With that in mind, we’ll be collecting canned goods for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, but such donations are optional.  Even the most horribly selfish amongst us are invited to this party.