The Bobblehead Doll is a time-tested, winning promotion for major and minor league clubs alike ; I’ve already got my ticket for Mookie Wilson Bobblehead Night at Keyspan Park, and if I’m not one of the lucky 2500 patrons to claim a figurine of the Mookster, I’m not above clobbering a small child or elderly lady if that’s what it takes. A little trick Coney Island native and NYC baseball historian Von LMO taught me.

That said, the Brooklyn Cyclones — short season NY-Penn affiliate of the New York Mets — have crossed the boundaries of sanity and good taste by giving away Joe Benigno and Sid Rosenberg bobbleheads when the Cyclones take on the Williamsport Crosscutters on July 13. Even a characture of Benigno’s face is guaranteed to traumatize younger kids, and you’d think a family-friendly outfit like the Cyclones would be wary of such a thing. Rosenberg, still dealing with post-rehab stress, really doesn’t need any reminders of his own head bobbling up and down after ingesting any number of illegal substances.

(Joe : the Nightmare On Surf Ave.)

Benigo and Rosenberg will broadcast that evening’s game, the first time a Cyclones contest will be featured on WFAN. What this snub means to Brooklyn’s regular mouthpiece, the unflappable Warner Fusselle, I cannot say. But if turnabout is fair play, he’ll soon make his debut telling lame jokes on Don Imus’ unlistenable morning show.