The Chicago Cubs are said to be signing former Mets OF Cliff Floyd to a one year deal with a player option for 2008.  Though I’m very hopeful the effervescent Fred Sanford Floyd can revitalize his career at Wrigley, I am wondering who is going to break the news to John Thomson.

Philly inked 2B Chase Utley to a 7-year, $85 million extensio
n yesterday, though the deal has a special clause in which Dallas Green cannot commence badmouthing Utley, either directly or third-hand, until at least 2010.

Fort Collins, CO native P Brian Lawrence, twice an opening day starter for San Diego, has signed a one-year pact with the Rockies. I’m not sure what it says about Steve Traschel’s career prospects that a guy who missed all of 2006 and might still be rehabing for much of ’07 drew more interest on the open market.

Though I’m aware that some portion of CSTB’s readership considers David Wright to perfect wax off material, I’m not sure this is what anyone had in mind.

The plug-tastic Peter Abraham reports that his co-authored biography of Chien-Mien Wang, “Ace In America” will be available this spring in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. “I™ll keep you posted on the U.S. version. But if you can read Chinese, please consider picking one up,” writes Peter.