Czech Republic 2, U.S. 0 (halftime)

Thomas Rosikcy blasted one just to the left of Kasey Keller’s outstretched paws in the 36th minute. Definetely a goal-of-the-tournament candidate if you’re only watching one match.

I blame the prematch pep talk from George W. On the other hand, a halftime phone call from the Oval Office proclaiming “mission accomplished” might really go down well right about now.

Claudia Reyna hit the woodwork from about 22 yards out in the 28th minute. I have the ESPN audio turned down to zero, so if Dave O’Brien said anything about “the keeper’s best friend,”, I should mention that I’ve never seen a goal post carry anyone home after a night of heavy drinking, nor show up to see someone’s terrible band that all of their other friends are too embarrassed to watch. I really think the measure of friendship needs to be re-examined.

Jan Koller’s just been stretchered off. Balboa solemnly intoned “you hate to see anyone go down like that.” Not if the match was being played in Philadelphia.