Ratted out by former Siena teammates Carlo Gervasoni and Filippo Carobbio in relation a rigged loss to Varese in May of 2011, current Hella Verona defender Emanuele Pesoli was hit with a 3-year ban by the Italian F.A. on Friday. On Saturday morning, Pescoli responded by chaining himself to the Italy F.A.s headquarters front gate and begining a hunger strike in protest. From ITV.com :

“I will be staying here until I cannot hold out any longer,” he is quoted as saying by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I will wait for somebody – the president of the FIGC Giancarlo Abete.

“They are ruining my life for something which I have not done. Before I finish playing, I want to fight with all of my strength.”

Pesoli has the right to appeal before August 20 and he wants to meet Carobbio and Gervasoni face to face to bring out what he claims to be the truth.

“I feel very hurt by this verdict,” he added. “I want to see the people who are accusing me. This is a very strong protest.”