File this one under “What Took Them So Long?” From SportsTicker:

Coming off a 67-95 season, the Devil Rays have fired general manager Chuck LaMar and some of his top assistants, new owner Stuart Sternberg announced Thursday.

Sternberg took control of the Devil Rays from managing general partner Vince Naimoli earlier Thursday. The ownership change still is subject a vote among Major League Baseball owners, but commissioner Bud Selig already has given his blessing.

(Mobo winner Lemar, no relation. This is what Will Leitch likes to call a pop culture reference.)

Sternberg’s first order of business was to revamp the front office.

“As has been announced, Chuck LaMar and a number of his senior people in his group have been relieved of their duties as of yesterday evening,” Sternberg said. “I cannot yet say what form the Rays’ baseball department will take, I do not speculate yet on any new hires.”

The St. Petersburg Times reported Thursday that assistant GM Scott Proefrock and director of player personnel Cam Bonifay also were fired Wednesday.

“I have also named Matt Silverman president of this organization,” Sternberg said. “He is going to be the person on the ground leading the charge.