From the Associated Press :

John Daly gave it his all, but couldn’t quite reach the other side of Niagara Falls. The five-time PGA Tour winner tried 20 times Wednesday night to drive a golf ball across the Falls from Canada into the United States, his full-body swings growing more frenetic as ball after ball sailed into the white mist churned up from the gorge below.

”I can’t hit any better than this,” he said after his 15th shot at a yellow flag across the river. He came closest on the second ball, which bounced off the wall just short of the target.

”I killed that. That’s all I got,” he said after the next shot.

Daly’s longest drive in competition this year is 356 yards. Earlier Wednesday, Daly helped open the nearby Thundering Waters Golf Club, a course his company designed.

Daly still hopes to a) clear the Snake River Canyon in his SkyCycle and b) set the World Record for Most Cans Of Diet Coke Consumed In One Day later this month.