Mormons are foreigners, Dan? Didn’t the excellent first two seasons of “Big Love” teach us anything? From the Salt Lake Tribune’s Paul Rolly :

It seems that Mormonphobic Republican evangelicals and at least one sports commentator have something in common: abject bigotry.

On Thursday, Miami Herald sports columnist Dan Le Batard (above) was on the ESPN show “Pardon the Interruption,” speaking about how bad players contributed to the Miami Dolphins’ miserable 1-15 season.

“They’ve got a Samoan fullback; a Mormon quarterback [former BYU star John Beck]. They’ve got a Mexican-American receiver. How many, how many . . . they’ve got the United Nations in their huddle.”

Le Batard included the slur in his newspaper column Thursday, but an obviously wiser editor eventually cut that paragraph out of the online edition.