When Brian McNamee howled “what the fuck do you want me to do, Roger?”, was I the only one who thought he heard the Rocket reply, “hang on a second, I think I need to flip the tape over”? The former’s attorney spoke with the New York Daily News’ Michael O’Keefe.

“What does (Clemens) do, he calls him back with his lawyer in the room and a tape recorder going,” McNamee attorney Richard Emery told the Daily News last night. “He wants to play that game, he’s going to get buried. I have no compunction about putting him in jail.

“This is war.”

McNamee’s attorneys say the former Yankee strength and conditioning coach reached out to the Rocket on Friday because he thought his ill 10-year-old son – a big Clemens fan – would respond to a phone call from his hero. Instead, they say, Clemens used McNamee’s vulnerability to attack the trainer, whom he once credited with extending his 24-year career, during an angry news conference yesterday.

“He’s angry that the information about his son was manipulated in that fashion,” said Earl Ward, another McNamee attorney. “The original text message to Roger said, ‘My son is sick, can you call him at home?’ Brian was not even living there. He had no intention of talking to Clemens. (Clemens) never did call his son.”

Under state law in New York and Texas, only one party has to give consent for a phone conversation to be taped, in this case Clemens.