Though I’m not convinced the hoopla surrounding tonight’s UFC 71 Liddell/Jackson bout in Vegas is any indication MMA has soared past other pastimes (shoveling snow, burning books, air guitar) in the battle for the hearts and minds of young America, one thing is certain. UFC supremeo Dana White is not going to be mistaken for David Stern.  From’s Jake Rossen :

Remarking on the upcoming bout between vaunted Internet personality Kimbo Slice and aging boxer Ray Mercer, White used labels like “disgusting” and “unfortunate,” professing little interest in the match.

“I can’t believe the state of New Jersey sanctioned that fight.”

Touching on K-1’s tumultuous week in trying to obtain a California license, White scoffed that the event would even transpire. “These guys from K-1 are coming in and telling you, ˜We’re gonna sell out a 100,000 seat arena.’ You idiots! You can’t sell out a ballroom in Las Vegas! Come on. Give me a break. It’s insane. These guys couldn’t give 100,0000 tickets away. Every time they have a K-1 in Vegas, they give away tickets for a ballroom in the Mirage. It’s comical to me.”

Told that Tito Ortiz was being courted by the IFL to become one of their coaches, White sighed. “The IFL doesn’t phase me one bit. It’s like team tennis. That didn’t work, and team fighting definitely won’t work. Nobody wants to see team fighting. They’ve got the Woodchucks vs. the Crazy Beavers. Is that what you want to see on a Saturday night? It’s a retarded concept.”

The contentious relationship with Ortiz continued, with White reserving his harshest words for his onetime marquee attraction. “Tito’s such a pussy. He cries about everything. Shut up, Tito. Show up and fight and do what you’re supposed to do. This kid would step over a dollar to pick up a dime. Shut up and fight Rashad Evans and beat him. He’s always crying about something.”