With Boston’s WRKO rescinding their earlier invite to I-Man co-conspirator Bernard McGuirk, the Globe’s Derrick Z. Jackson heralds the dawn of a new, caring, sharing Beantown. It’s a stance that David Scott of Boston Sports Media finds curious, given the Globe’s reluctance to publicly critique their own resident reprobate, the mysteriously departed Ron Borges.

Jackson “ and by default, the Globe “ appear to have no problem telling other media entities how to go about their business, but we can™t even get a statement from the paper™s editor (Martin Baron, above) on the squirrelly œretirement of Ron Borges, the former Globe sportswriter who Baron had strongly insinuated had committed at least one act of plagiarism when he suspended Borges in early March.

For the folks reading between the lines of the whole sordid Borges mess, the buried, late Friday afternoon announcement and stark silence thereafter indicate just one thing: The parties separated on bad terms and everyone has been required to zip it up tight under terms of the separation.

Neither Borges, Baron nor Union President Dan Totten has returned emails in the past week from Shots requesting some clarification on the end of Borges™ Globe career. (Last we communicated with Totten, he informed us that Borges was awaiting an arbitration hearing in June, likely over back pay and the way he was suspended.) Even our usually reliable Globe moles have had little to say other than the business-side confidant who said, œI can read between the lines the same way everyone else can.

But the question is, ˜Why should an already distrustful readership be forced to read between those lines?™ Couldn™t sports editor, Joe Sullivan go a long way in closing the Borges chapter with a little transparency in the form of an editor™s letter or an on-line chat? Shouldn™t a paper that gave us Mike Barnicle and Patricia Smith “ from a company that brought us Jayson Blair “ shouldn™t that company be ultra-sensitive about backdoor buyouts and hints of impropriety? Even if it is œjust the Sports section?