Yesterday marked the 2nd anniversary of G Roger Mason sinking a dramatic 3-pointer with seconds remaining against Phoenix to claim a victory for San Antonio, but it seems Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni either cares little for history, sentiment or simply doesn’t remember who Mason is.  Or perhaps some combination of the 3?  In the aftermath of an awfully impressive defeat of Chicago at MSG on Christmas Day, the New York Post’s Mark Berman picks an usual Knicks storyline to fixate on — another DNP for Mason, who seems inextricably locked in D’Antoni’s doghouse.

“Things have been a little different than I imagined, yes,” Mason told The Post in his first remarks on the subject. “I’ll continue to work and be a good teammate and cheer them on and wait for an opportunity. I haven’t really had one yet.”

Mason shot poorly in preseason and has appeared in just eight games. With Toney Douglas banged up with a strained back and shoulder sprain, D’Antoni hasn’t turned to Mason, who runs the point during practice scrimmages.

“I don’t think I was really given an opportunity yet,” Mason said. “In preseason, I didn’t shoot as well as I wanted to. Most preseasons, it takes me to the regular season to get going.

“I’m just hitting the prime of my career,” Mason added. “Ideally, you wouldn’t want to be in scenario where you’re not playing.”

When asked whether he’d play Mason because of his Christmas heroics against his former team, D’Antoni responded: “Who?”