The Association’s Craig Kwasniewsk
i said of the Nets’ Vince Carter, “VC’s the type of asshole who’ll play the victim card in this series and play with the type of motivation we haven’t seen in years,” a fair enough prediction, but not one that foresaw Richard Jefferson scoring 28 points against Toronto (11 in the first quarter), sparking the Nets to a 96-91 Game One victory. Chris Bosh (22 points) picked up a pair of quick fouls and missed a big stretch of the first half, during which Jersey built a sizeable advantage.

Toronto management handed out “Raptor Red” t-shirts to the capacity crowd, shirts that neatly matched…the red road jerseys of the Nets.

Mike Nifong was just on the phone.  He adamant that after watching Chicago’s Luol Deng have his way with Miami this afternoon, Duke players-turned-pro get a very raw deal.

The LA Times’ Jason Reid
claims “impressed with Corey Maggette’s transformation into a playmaker late this season, the Clippers hope to re-sign the veteran forward to a multiyear contract extension,” which means we can look forward to Maggette’s name popping up in trade rumors for at least another 2 or 3 seasons.

The New York Daily News’ Frank Isola graded the Knicks’ roster and coaching staff as part for his Knicks Knation blog, and saved his most scathing mark for N8 The Not-So Great.

Nate Robinson “ Plays every game as if it is the And-1 Mix Tape Tour. He doesn™t take his job seriously and subsequently no one takes him seriously. It™s a shame because he has lots to offer but he needs to grow up. Or maybe he just wants to be a novelty act for the rest of his career. F

There’s no time like the eve of the Suns’ first rounder with Kobe & The Other Guys to crank up chatter regarding Shawn Marion or Amare Stoudemire being dealt for the no. 1 or no. 2 overall pick in the draft.

Though the Sacramento Bee’s Scott Howard-Cooper admits it’s a longshot, he deserves our thanks for floating the delicious possibility of Larry Brown coaching Ron Artest next season.