Dave Zukauskas writes,

“Adrian Dater, a Denver sportswriter, wrote something about ESPN yesterday, and then added more today.

The newspaper has since taken the two columns down from their web site, but a few blogs (The Big Lead, Dear Lord Stanley) hopped on what he said, and have excerpts.

You™re nothing more than a bunch of pathetic piggybackers, trying to fool that gullible sports audience out there – of which you have legions of the duped tuning in daily. Oh, and here™s a little shout out to guys like the Bill Simmonses of the world – guys who never did the real work of journalism but just love to sit from their on-high funnyman thrones and crack wise on the doings of those who could: Hey, I™m from New England – I AM YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC – and I™m even tired of your act. Thanks, Bill, for the 113th œcolumn on a Vegas trip last weekend. Hench, J-Bug, the line at McCarran, Seventh Circle of Hell, oh, it™s all so fresh and funny, my man. Yes it was, the first 23 times I read it.