Interviewed by Eagle In Atlanta, Dan Shaughnessy would have you believe it’s not the heat he can’t stand, it’s the anonymity.

ATL_eagle: I asked Bob Ryan about blogs and the future of the industry a year ago. He jokingly waived the white flag. Now the guy went out and got his own blog. And you famously mocked Curt Schilling™s blog. What do you see as the future of this new medium and how it effects sports writing and sports coverage?

I think it is nice for everyone to have a voice. Pete Hamel has a quote (and I had him on the radio last week) and he said, œblogging is therapy but it™s not journalism. And that™s from Pete Hamel.

Certainly there™s just no editing process. There™s no vetting of material. I draw a real line at anonymity versus people having their name on there like yourself¦I assume you do since I am talking to you.

ATL_eagle: Funny enough, I started off with just a nickname. Then the Atlanta Journal-Constitution featured me in their College Football Preview and I unveiled myself and now I write for AOL too with a byline.

DS: To me, except for the editing process, that™s legit. And that™s where it™s going. I just don™t have a lot of affinity for anonymous tough guys who kill everyone and we don™t know who they are. It™s just too easy. It™s the new crank phone call at that level. But when a name™s on there and they stand behind what they write then I think it™s great.